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Allow Misc/Mx? Allow no titles? Links to evidence
Nationwide Building Society No No Personal email
Royal Bank of Scotland Yes, Mx Yes (on chequebooks / cards) Photo of bank card
HSBC Unknown Yes, if you don't have a card
Natwest Yes

The computerised system only gives a list of titles based on your gender. They can print off a form for manual processing which does have an 'other' option.

However, this manual process means they may screw up. My debit card and cheque books are now in different names.

Governor Money Mx Appears to be accepted Deed Poll needs to be certified, and requirements are rather stringent.
Santander No No

The paper based form has an option for "other", with free text. However the branch then inputs this into a computer system which does not accept Mx.

They have raised this with head office though and are likely to have an update in 48 hours.

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