Practical Non-Binary Wiki

Welcome to the Practical Non-Binary Wiki[]

Non-binary folk could be more recognised in day to day life: on forms, in letters, and by companies. This wiki is designed to provide information about companies and organisations that recognise non-binary people, and to show proof. It can, however, expand over time.

If you've had your non-binary gender accepted and recognised by any company or organisation, post information about it here with a photo. It'll help other genderly-interesting folk save time and energy, and to feel recognised and respected.

Acceptance by companies[]

Vote with your wallet by choosing which companies to support based on their attitude to their non-binary customers. Start here by choosing your country. (Country > Type of company > Company or organisation) Please keep the country list alphabetical!

How to join in[]

You're very much encouraged to help with building up the information we have here. A few things for you to remember...

  • Use other established pages as a template, and try to keep things organised within the existing structure.
  • Post links to company websites where possible.
  • Evidence is really important. If you're adding a company who accepts (or doesn't accept) Misc or Mx, for example, find a blog post or write one that backs you up. Photographs and scans are great, but it's best if they're hosted on other websites so that they can't be removed and lost forever.